March 27, 2008 at 2:02 pm (Random Writing)

A little something that came to me. Or that I stumbled into. You know, it’s a lot easier to post things when I’m pretty certain no one’s reading! 😛  

We are specters passing in the halls. Mere creatures eroded to the brink of nonexistence by worries and fears, responsibilities and commitments.  Life slowly chips away at each of us, taking what it needs to survive. It pulls away passion and wears down zeal until we find ourselves treading the halls in a senseless domain. There is no light, no sound. The sun is a removed eye watching dispassionately. The wind a lover’s hand grown cold. Nothing means anything, nothing inspires anyone, nothing exists anywhere. Because the daily trudge has taken all it can grasp. It has required the full self-sacrifice just to survive. And we see each other, but there is no recognition. There is no light in our eyes. Instead they are darkened windows left vacant by a cowering consciousness. And I wonder if I really recognize you, because it was that light I knew. But it’s easier to bar the windows and pretend no one’s home than to try and handle everything. Because hearing laughter and feeling joy will reveal that every forced step we take gets us nowhere; it forces us deeper into the mire from which there is no escape. So we try not to realize as life becomes mechanical and humanity is worn away.

            Until we are nothing more than specters passing in the halls.



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  1. Sam Cofer said,

    If I only had your way with words I could express all that I feel, and it continues to amaze me that your emotions and your spirit sometimes overflow your ability to describe. You are a master poet and the vivid and thoughtful way that you see life will continue to amaze me long after we’ve all left this place.

    Thoughts, feelings, emotions…these all pass through me when i think of you. But I can say two things to clarify this quandary, they are all good, and I am constantly reminded of the beauty of your intellect. I may compliment your eyes or hands or hair, but all of those are not really what I am saying. I am actually attempting to express the wonderful nature of Katherine Mitchell, albeit in a shallow and empty fashion. So when I awkwardly attempt to express the beauty I see in your eyes, please remember that that compliment is two-fold. I am really talking about the immense and fulfilling beauty that I find behind your beautiful, vibrant, and electric eyes…….

    Someone is reading…..


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