April 20, 2008 at 3:56 pm (Random Thoughts, Real Life, Relationships)

I have had a week so wonderful that I honestly can’t completely believe it. I mean, I have been so blessed and I’ve done nothing to deserve it. I mean, there was a point this semester where I was looking back at all the fun times of last semester and wondering if I would get a chance to make some again. And suddenly this week, it all came together. I got to hang out with friends and have more fun than is humanly possible.

Tuesday, as you might have gathered, was my one-month with Sam. I know, pretty serious… 😛 But, I had soccer until about 10:30, so I didn’t get to just spend the time with him. Which was a little disappointing…or so I originally thought. But, after the games, we made an emergency Walmart run to get coolant for Sammy’s car, then got some Frosty’s from Wendy’s and just spent the last remaining moments talking and hanging out. It was great. It was memorable.

Thursday was one of the most college experiences I have had. After walking to and from a game of Apples to Apples at Underground, a coffee shop in town, Sam and I went to watch a movie to wrap up the night. But they decided to close the building we were in. So, we decided to go and get triscuits. Why? I don’t know. We were hungry and it sounded like a wonderful idea. So, we made a trip to Walmart to buy a box of triscuits and two Vaults. I mean, how more random can you get. We were hyper, acting like fools, and loving every minute of it. Just not caring what the other person was going to think if you did whatever you wanted, but being who you were. I felt more alive than I have in a while.

Friday was my club’s formal. It was beautiful. They had it in a refurbished rail station in Little Rock, and the food was delicious. As it should be at all formals. Sam looked so handsome. He was wonderful, and it was all fun. I got to hang out with my club sisters and spend an evening pretending that we weren’t all broke college students. And everyone needs that willing suspension of disbelief sometimes. I think that’s why we have fancy dress occasions.

And yesterday was idyllic. Sam and I met to study on the Front Lawn at two. But neither of us had that much homework, so I ended up falling asleep in the absolutely lovely weather. It was nice to spend some time together without homework hanging over our heads, but to just relax and enjoy the other’s company on one of the most beautiful days we have had in a while. Then, our whole group decided to go to the park. It was crazy. Wild. I don’t know what got into all of us (it was a full moon), but it was laughter and friendship. Good times, the times you’ll never forget. And then we all went to get five-dollar pizzas. Everyone else dispersed to their dorms, but Sam and I went to watch the most recent Office episode. And eat a large pizza. It was fun and relaxing and stressless and there aren’t enough words to explain it. You won’t understand unless you’ve had an evening like it.

And so, for some reason, I’ve been blessed. And I’m so thankful that I can have such friends and such a boyfriend. I know it’s about to get busy, hat with finals looming. But, at least this week, nothing else mattered. And I thank God for a calm before the storm.


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  1. caleabakke said,

    If you happen to get like a million page views when you post a new blog- it’s me, reading part and then doing something else over and over. So now I comment.

    I am so glad you are having such a great time!! Blessings are so beautiful aren’ t they? These are the times we remember when everything goes crazy. 🙂

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