Some Must Be Left Behind With Every Step We Take

April 22, 2008 at 7:21 pm (Real Life, Relationships)

I was looking around today on Facebook (yeah, I spend way too much time there, but what else is there to do in boring classes?) and I saw some people from my old high school. A lot of them went to the same university, still hang out together all the time, and pretty much stayed in the world they knew. I look around at my friends now and…well…only one of them is from back home. Of course I plan on seeing all the old gang again over the summer, but they aren’t the people I hang out with every day. When you’re scattered across the country, it’s hard to do that.

And it’s not because I don’t love my old friends more than imaginable, but I’m kinda glad I’m not like those others who still have the exact same people. I’ve gotten a chance to grow a lot, to figure out who exactly I am, and to explore new things. Of course, I don’t think any less of the Lipscomb/MTSU crowd, since they are growing up and moving on anyways, but I am definitely thankful for the new opportunities I have been lucky enough to experience.

I can’t imagine life without all the wonderful friends I have now. Kim, Kris, Ashely, Amanda, Logan, Brandtley, Laura, Will, Robert, Paul, Bekah, Nathaniel, Joseph, Kylie, Jonathan, Alicia, Sam. So many people. I’ve listed a lot, but I know I’ve forgotten even more. And I think I could keep naming them and people who have helped me and taught me for more hours than there are in a day…or even a lifetime.

Leaving everyone back home was hard. Leaving everyone who’s here now will be even harder. It’s not a day i can bear to count down to…


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  1. Courtney said,

    I agree, though I don’t feel like I’m still with the same high school crowd, but that’s probably because of the disconnect senior year, and also because I don’t hang out with most of those people anyways.

    I still love my five, you guys are like my sisters, especially you and Amber, but life… just sorta happened. We’re growing up, meeting new people, traveling down different paths.

    When did all this happen? *sigh*

    Well, no matter what happens, you know you’re always gonna be one of my best friends. I love you chica. ❤

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