The First Few Days of Working Life

June 5, 2008 at 8:56 am (Random Thoughts, Real Life)

Babysitting two kids all week is a tiring job. I hadn’t expected to be as wiped out as I am. Right now is after lunch quite time. Which means the youngest bounces around the living room watching cartoons and the oldest hides in her parents’ room watching the same cartoon. By this point in the day, they need some time apart. Actually, the oldest is sulking right now because I told her she couldn’t eat the leftover sugar from the Easy Bake oven. Oh well. Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a death wish.
I never had an Easy Bake oven. So that was fun this morning. I would have owned that mess when I was a kid. Actually, mess is a very apt description. There was flour and sugar and pink cookie dough everywhere. It was fun and kept them busy for about an hour. Plus gave me a dessert to make sure they ate lunch. No telling what the rest of the afternoon will hold (The Scooby Doo movie is only 75 minutes. Can’t they make four hour long entertaining kids’ movies? Not like they need a complicated plot or anything…) Gotta be ready for anything.
I never used to like kids. I wasn’t good with them, I didn’t want to be stuck with them. But, I guess last summer was the first time I really started babysitting. Lucas and Maggie, two of the best kids I’ve ever watched. It’s still a pleasure to go over there for an evening. Not only is it money, but it’s a lot of fun, too. Now, it’s not so bad. It’s actually a really good job for me, because it gives me a steady schedule that leaves me nights and weekends. Plus some typing time, and nothing too taxing. Well, carrying a three-year-old across the monkey bars can be difficult, but I think I can handle it. Besides, the work out’s good for me.
Well, it’s going to be a long summer. There’s simply no way around that. But, I’m staying moderately sane. I’ve learned that I struggle with coherency immediately after getting home from work, but that dissipates after an hour or so. Other than that, I’m pretty much unharmed. I’ve even got a little sun. Yeah, I’m still very white, but it’s an improvement. Not that I’m too concerned. I just want everything to hurry up and be done. I have…23 days of work left this summer. 54 days until El Salvador and approximately 74 days until I see a certain wonderful someone. I can’t decide if that sounds long, or if I simply know it will be. There will be some important stepping stones to getting there so that it won’t seem so bad. The first couple weeks of July ought to be fun, what with a week off and my big little brother coming home for a few days. Maybe a few other surprises, who knows what could happen. Like movies with friends and crazy youth group fun. I miss everyone, but I can’t live life as if there’s nothing for me here. Making the best out of what I’ve got and trying not to imagine how absolutely incredible it could be.
So, life’s pretty good. Guess I can’t complain. I have a few plots up my sleeve that will definitely afford me hours of fun. Perhaps even days. Well, love you guys, as always. Take care of yourselves, cause I don’t want to spend the summer sitting in a hospital somewhere, waiting for one of you to get better. So, until later! God Bless.



  1. caleabakke said,

    I knew you would do wonderfully. 🙂 you always do wonderfully at whatever you decided to do babe!
    I am glad they are good kids though, that is always a relief. When i baby sat we watched charlie and the chocolate factory and PBS. TV, i swear, is a gift from God when dealing with hyper children. They actually sit and watch… it’s amazing!

    Love you babe! hope it continues to go well!

  2. Courtney said,

    I promise not to get a deadly illness or blow anything up.

    That’s about all I can promise. lol

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