As Time Goes By…

July 26, 2008 at 9:40 pm (Random Thoughts, Real Life)

I leave in three days. Three days…I don’t know how it snuck up so quickly. There were days that passed at a crawl, but they are now gone nonetheless. The summer has managed to outrun me again. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel so lonely here in Nashville, so removed from the entire world I know. So removed from the majority of my friends. Summer ripped away the life I had come to know and put the old, faded one in its place.

I feel done with this. I’m ready to pack up and  move on again. I’m ready to go back home. I’m ready to see Sam again. I’m ready to keep my own hours and make my own plans. But, I have a few weeks still. Time has flown though. To deny that would be foolish. Otherwise, I would have actually known that ES was in three days. That I need to pack and start getting everything together.

And time has crawled, because it’s been forever since I saw Harding.

I’m ready.


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  1. caleabakke said,

    Love you wonderful. I am very sad that I am not going to see you before you leave. But I hope you have a fantastic time and I will follow your schedule and pray for you guys.
    When you get back, we should plan our impact activities and our room. 🙂 Ah! I am so excited to go back to school! and I know you are too!

    Again, all my love you amazing roommate you!

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