Day One: Safe and Sound in San Salvador

July 30, 2008 at 9:36 pm (Real Life, Spiritual) (, , , )

Well, the video refuses to work. The risk of trying to use a computer running old programs. I should have brought mine, but I didn’t. So, I learned a lesson. I just don’t have the energy to fight it anymore. Maybe I’ll post some pictures later, but given the speed of this computer, I would be here for months. So, I’ll probably just wait and get back to my nice, working computer.

We had a good day. I’ve been up entirely too long, but that’s okay. The flight’s went well. We met a group leaving Atlanta that was going down for mission work as well. They were a Baptist/Methodist group from NC heading up into the mountains. It was a lot of fun to talk to them. And then I sat next to Margaret, an older woman from College Park, MD, who had set up Mental Health teams. I thought that was pretty cool. She left these people going into the school systemns and counseling and whatnot. It was a lot of fun. cause it’s something i could actually do one day.

We got here and got loaded up in the van for today. It ran out of gas and the group following us had to run and get gas. But, we made it to Santo Tomas and saw Paz and Priscilla. Fancisco was at school at the university, but he’ll be around later.

We left to go and buy food (after dropping our bags at the hotel), but discovered that our work was done for us when we got there. So, we stared at the piles and piles of food, and then wandered into the market. It was pretty crazy. People yelling, selling everything imaginable. So many people. It was pretty much a sensory overload. But, I thought it was pretty exciting. A new place.

After taht, we headed back to Centro, then decided to grab some dinner. Dad, Mo, and me. We were going to meet Udi, but after waiting thirty minutes or so for him to show up, we decided to go on to La Unica. I had four papusas, each as delicious as the one before. It was nice. And now I’m sitting very sleepy in the hotel. So, I’m going to say goodnight.

Mom, I really liked what I read of taht book so far. I didn’t get very far because they played 21 as the in-flight movie and I wanted to watch it. It was pretty good too. Daddy’s staying pretty calm, but tomorrow is when it’ll get a ilittle crazy.

Justin, Dad is telling everyone about your concussion. I know you probably aren’t reading this, but someone will pass on the message.

Calea, I miss you. I want to have coffee with you once I’m back. Oh, and Logan sent me a message about a room in Kendall. Don’t know if he sent it to you as well, but someone might want to call. I don’t think it’ll do any good, since there’s already a waiting list, but who knows.

Sam, I miss you lots and lots and lots and lots. I can’t wait to talk to you again….

To everyone, love you and miss you. I’ll try to write something every night, but it depends on how many days are as long as today. So, for real this time, goodnight!



  1. Courtney said,

    I’m glad to hear you’ve made it safe and sound, and are already pigging out on papusas. lol

  2. Calea Bakke said,

    fogive me for pretty much failing to keep up with your blog the last few weeks. It sounds like you had an incredible adventure!! and I cannot wait to hear every single detail. 🙂

    love you tons! this year is going to be a blast!!!

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