Day Two

October 27, 2008 at 11:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, it isn’t all sunshine and daisies over here. No pun intended. There are actually a lot of daisies around. Some over my computer, and a billion in the Shanties Club Books. It’s just gonna be a long week.

I miss my friends. I miss dinner with everyone. It kinda feels like those first few days I was back home for the summer, when nothing quite clicked how it should. I’m on one crazy schedule for being a Full Member, others are running on a new member’s schedule, and it feels like the two paths never cross. I was praying to see someone when I went into the caf today that wasn’t in Shantih. Not because I don’t love those girls, but because I need something that isn’t club in my life. That prayer wasn’t answered, which is probably God’s way of telling me to suck it up. It’s only a week.

Don’t get me wrong; tonight was a BLAST! But it’s the afternoons that hurt. When I’m the only one without a single thing to do. It’s lonely. I wish I had a thousand papers to write so that I wouldn’t have all this time to be stuck in my head. Oh well. At least the evenings are fun.

The girls are doing really great. Tonight was a lot of fun with their little skits. Got some very creative ones to be sure! And the cheering was a lot of fun. Most people who know me are probably fairly shocked to hear me say that. But…it’s more because it’s just screaming for my club, my sisters. They did really well. Oh so very loud. I’m really pretty impressed.

So many memories. Last year was a lot of fun, running around like a crazy person, trying to decide which homework actually had to be done, meeting new people. Orange crushing (I think Kaleb broke my rib earlier tonight…) Lots of good memories. Even when I got in trouble….thinking back, I kinda did that a lot. Hm. Rough night was awesome though. I’ll have to put that story up sometime. So much fun. I miss that side of pledge week.

But, there it is. A bittersweet week. Lots of fun meeting new people, a constant heartache missing my other friends. What’s a girl to do?

Eat chocolate? Sounds good enough to me!


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  1. Courtney said,

    Chocolate is always a good idea!!!

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