Another Day in Italy

February 5, 2009 at 2:01 pm (Real Life) (, , , , , )

Well, Italy is still treating us pretty well. It’s been raining, so the weather isn’t quite as wonderful. But we all went into the city today.

Florence is an incredible place. We met a woman on the bus with her 8 month old child. Well, Corbin met her. She talked about the city and the people. Apparently, we won’t know how cold the Florentine people are until we see how friendly southern Italy is. She’s been traveling since she was five from all around Italy to Mexico and Guatemala. She worked odd jobs to support herself and continue her travel. In fact, she had just returned from Germany where her son’s father lives. It was a very interesting experience.

We found a really incredible church today off the beaten path. Everything is older here than anything in the States, and the art is breathtaking. It was called Ognissanti, and the painting on the wall were beautiful. Then I happened to look at the ceiling and I was amazed. It was really beautiful. Sadly, we couldn’t take flash photography, so the pictures came out a little blurry. But some of the beauty still translates.

We made our way to the market and I bought another Pashmina. I can’t help it! They’re soft, pretty, and moderately cheap. Hopefully I can hold off on buying more stuff for a few days. About the time we were packing up to come back for dinner, it started to pour. We got to make the twenty minute walk back to the villa in a downpour. I was soaked, to put it lightly.

Tomorrow we’re onsite in Florence for some HUmanities classes about the churches. We will also be going to the Academia where the David is housed along with many other statues. I am looking forward to it. Classes are going well, but everyone knows that isn’t why we’re here.

To Justin: Happy Birthday (in a few days…) little Brother!! Hope it’s great!
Mom: I’m going to have to bring home some recipes. Hope you can make time for some cooking this summer!
Dad: You’re going to love it here. Just so you know.
Sam: Still miss you a lot. Study hard and have lots of fun on campus.<3

Calea is in Israel, so keep her and the whole Greece trip in your prayers as they travel.


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