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December 13, 2008 at 5:23 pm (Random Thoughts, Real Life, Relationships) (, , , , )

It’s been forever, but it’s been pretty crazy busy. I made it through club week in one piece. I even kind of enjoyed it in the end. There were some rough spots, a whole lot of frustration, and a little bit of anger, but I made it. And it was worth it.

Thanksgiving break was wonderful with Sam in Nashville. It was incredibly relaxing and fun. My family was surprsingly tame, which shocked me to no end. I got to have a little Christmas spirit, getting the house ready. I love Christmas. Yay for Christmas songs!! It was a really great vacation.

Now, the real news. I wantd to talk about my recent “fieldtrip” to Memphis with my Human Situation class. For anyoe unfamiliar, this is a class that mainly looks at the arts and their impact on the world. We’ve covered art, music, literature, theater, architecture, dance, film, and even ecology. (Which isn’t exactly an art, but it fit well in the course.) One week, we had publisher Holly Root in class and discussed issues of gender, sexuality, and religion in society today. Since Hopper is one of the most open-minded professors on campus, it was a really fun class.

So, this past Tuesday we went to Memphis. It was a lot of fun, even though I only had four hours of sleep and had to be on the bus at eight in the morning. In the rain. So, maybe that wasn’t fun. Well, it was a short(ish) ride to Memphis, and the rain had slackened off by the time we arrived. So, Dr. Hopper turned us loose in the city to look and analyze some of the surrounding architecture. I took some pictures, but they’re on Sam;s camera, so I can’t show any of the fun buildings. There was one very strange sculpture that was a funnel-like shape, seating on the inside. It was intersting. Well, after getting a good few blocks away from the bus, a monsoon sprung up and drenched us. So, it was a very wet day. We met a homeless man sittig in the burned out doorway of a church that we were hiding in. Interestingly, he had worked at the church before it burned down. And now he sleeps there, which seems very literary to me.

After getting soaked, we headed to the Brooks Art Museum. It was fun, though a rather small museum. And very maze-like. I finally found my way to most of the rooms, though not without a good deal of exploring. There were a few interesting galleries. A couple rooms were devoted to medieval and Rennaisance art which was interesting. So much was religious. In fact, almost all of it. And then there was a really strange African Art exhibit. There were some really awesome pieces in there. All very exotic, which is exactly what you’d expect.

From there, we went to lunch and everyone ate entirely too much food. It was just at Piccadilly’s Cafeteria, but I hadn’t eaten much taht day, so it was amazing. Then we were off again to study art.

We went to a music store and went upstairs to a recital hall. Hopper began playing, and it was amazing. He played Chopin, Scarlotti, Mozart, Schubert, and Lizst. it was incredible to listen to. He played this beautiful nocturne that left everyone in silence. Waltzes and minuets and all kinds of beautiful pieces. He was an amazing pianist. It made me wish I could play that well, but I simply do not have taht much time to work. Maybe one day.

Well, from there we went to a movie. We saw The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which sounds relatively light, but it really very depressing and dark. It’s about a boy whose father is in charge of one of the concentration camp. It shows how it appeared to an eight-year-old, and all the confusion and conflict that it caused. Very poignant. It left all of us touched, silent, and pensive. There was a good deal of talk about it over dinner. I would highly suggest the movie, but do not expect a happy tale.

We wrapped up the day with dinner at Rondezvous, a rib place in a dark alley in Memphis. It’s apparently pretty famous, and definitely should be. Delicious food. Sam had lamb, so I finally got to try that. It didn’t taste too much different. But, it was wonderful food, and we had a lot of fun just hanging out with classmates and passing the time.

It was an incredible trip, and so much fun. I got to spend a day enjoying art and not worrying about school. Now, it’s finals and I should be studying. But, I’m not too worried. I’ll make it. And in a month and a half, I’ll be chilling in a sixteenth century Italian villa. Sweet deal.

Love ya!



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